Discover hidden gems in podcasts and learn faster

Dumme is all about getting straight to the point when you learn from videos.

Long podcasts and videos mean more information to absorb, but also mean lower retention. In a world of ever decreasing attention spans, you can't expect your audience to stick through the whole thing. This is why podcasters and video creators spend time and effort making clips that highlight important moments in their videos.

Dumme is all about automating this for creators, and allowing people to discover podcasts easily by searching through what's in them.

To put it simply: We take long podcasts, and use AI to make short clips that are chained together based on what they contain, and what you want to watch. Want to learn about Bitcoin? You can go through a long, 1-hour video that won't precisely teach you what you need to know, or you can go through 20 explanations in just a few minutes.

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